Empowering Believers Through Word & Spirit

I am Sharon Beekmann, an ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and retired Associated Faculty member at Denver Seminary. I spent years conducting a private practice in individual, marriage, and family therapy.

Sharon Beekmann

My Books

I am the author of "Rescued and Redeemed: How to Discern Demons from the Divine," co-author with Peter G. Bolt of "Silencing Satan: Handbook of Biblical Demonology," and author of "Angels, Demons and the Dead: Casting the Light of Scripture on Spirit Beings." Go to sharonbeekmann.org to see videos and how to purchase books.

My ministry centers on equipping believers to distinguish God’s work from that of Satan and the demons and how to stand with Jesus when embattled. I contributed to Zondervan's upcoming "Upside Down Kingdom Study Bible," edited by Preston Sprinkle and set to be released summer of 2024.

For more information about my work and my ministry, please visit sharonbeekmann.org.