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Sharon Beekmann Blog is about how people journey with Christ. It contains thoughts, captivating stories, wisdom, and biblical teaching on Christian discernment. The blog reflects years of Bible study, knowing and serving Christ, personal experiences, and counseling those who are spiritually oppressed. You learn ways to test the spirit of various spiritual phenomena and how to stand with Christ.

Hi, I am Sharon Beekmann, and my blog is dedicated to equipping Christian pastors, lay leaders, and all Christians in spiritual discernment. I share what I’ve learned about how Christians can know what is and is not of God when interpreting spiritual experiences.

Sharon Beekmann Blog

Are Their Guardian Angels

One wintry night, I turned onto the ramp of an interstate. A gust whipped up newly fallen snow and erased the road. My car slid as if in free fall toward the edge of the ramp. Miraculously, I felt my car lift and put back on the ramp where the car had traction to enter the freeway. I instantly thought, “An angel saved me! Praise God.”

Perhaps one of God’s messengers has helped you. It’s difficult to know with certainty when an angel intervenes—they don’t draw attention to themselves. But that is the point—we’re not supposed to give them glory. With the angels, we praise God.

Sharon Beekmann Blog

A Boy Saw Ghosts

The eleven-year-old boy Jason stared hard at his hands as he described how he and his friends had watched Ghost Hunters, a television series that researched paranormal phenomena. The boys decided to conduct their own research. Armed with a flashlight, they tiptoed into dark basements and murmured invitations to ghosts to appear. One night, Jason saw what looked like a waft of smoke flit across the basement wall. It took the form of a man and quickly vanished into the corner. The boys screamed and ran upstairs. They were hooked! Weekly, they combed basements with their flashlight and coaxed the dead to materialize.

Sharon Beekmann Blog

Mystics and Evangelicals

Am not the first to address the influences of Roman Catholic mysticism, Eastern religions, and the New Age on evangelical churches. Bloggers and writers have cautioned evangelical Christians about blurring theological boundaries and adopting practices incompatible with the Reformed faith.1 I join the conversation with a series of blogs that begin with Catholic mysticism. Read along as I wade into these deep waters.